B2B eCommerce Software Success Stories

Sinan Demirel

Sales Operation Officer



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1. Can you give information about your company?

Ender Building Materials serve 81 provinces of Turkey with more than 30 years of experience in the hardware and building sector.

2. Have you previously used another B2B, B2C or collection software before moving to B2B Store? What distinguishes B2B Store from other competitors?

We haven't used B2B or B2C system before.

3. What features do you like most of the B2B Store?

I like the order and collection system.

4. What changes have been about your operational processes?

Customers had previously given orders given by the plasters and noticed other products and capture an acceleration from here.

5. Do you think it increases your sales?

Yeah I think.

6. What effects did it have your sales and marketing team?

Fast access in the B2B Store provided a different perspective in our sales and marketing team.

7. What kind of benefits did your dealers have their trade processes?
Our customers can make pricing to their customers in their shops via B2B.
8. What are your views on the support team?
There are professional, fast, solutions that can produce and always help.
9. What do you fall about the updates made up to date from your use of B2B Store?
It is really positive to notice the innovations on time and update accordingly.

Ender Yapı, which provides services with expert sales and marketing staff, has a wide range of products that contain advanced technology and innovative products in stocks, has a fast and reliable distribution network in terms of supply coordination and logistics.

The services we offer


Bekir Tanoğlu

If you have been recognizing tractor spare parts since 1986, Massey Ferguson, Fiat (New Holland), Ford, Steyr and Tümosan, John Deere, Same, Landini, Başak, Leyland, Deutz, Universal, Inter, Hattat, Erkunt and Other It provides the supply of imported spare parts of various brands with spare parts of tractor brands and rich product range.

saygılı rulman


Çağlar Aykutalp

Our commercial story, which started in a 50 square meter shop 35 years ago, continues to grow in our facility, which has a closed area of ​​10,000 square meters today. Saygılı Rulman, who is one of the top five companies among the ruling suppliers in Turkey; It provides the supply of bearing and power transfer products to Turkey and Central Asian Republics.



Tugba Yenil

Founded in 1960 as the first Turkish tire factory in Izmit Köseköy, Pirelli Automobile Tires A.Ş. It has become one of the leading organizations of Turkey thanks to its superior quality tires for the domestic market and international markets. Türk Pirelli Tires A.Ş has chosen the B2B Store B2B Dealer Management System, which is integrated with the logo jaguar, to change its existing structure in order to manage its powerful dealer network in the wholesale distribution channel. We would like to thank Mr. Tuğba Yeni for answering the questions we are posed to him sincerely.



Kubilay Can

The company started in 1950 with two separate companies established by Mois and Yasf Kariyo brothers. In 1984, it came to the final stage of the branding process and took its name Penti, and today it became a giant company that produces 86 million pairs of socks annually. In 2007, the company opened an internet store under the name Penti.com. Today, we work with 3 different projects as B2B Store. Our first project is domestic B2B systems. In this project, all the dealers of Penti company are transferring order with B2B Store. Our second project is the export software to B2B for overseas sales. Penti's overseas stores are ordering through B2B Store. Our third project is the 'Pre -Order' system, the pre -season dealers. This is specially prepared for Penti for pre -seasonal dealers to pre -order each season. We would like to thank Penti for choosing us. We also thank you for their answers to the questions we have asked them below.



Luca Delli Carri

Eurobump was founded in 1990 to meet the demand for plastic buffer. Since 2002, plastic bumpers, buffer grille, molding and fenders production has been constantly adapted to the evolution of the rapidly changing European automobile market. Exports are currently covering 100 countries around the world and reaching all continents. Professional team, large capacity and high technology of its factories, Eurobump is one of the most reliable European spare parts manufacturers. The product range is constantly developing and offers excellent customer satisfaction with its quality and service level. It is produced with high quality raw materials using modern technologies such as CNC injection molding machines, painting workshop, ultrasonic and hot welding robotic equipment in its own facilities with cad/glass system. We would like to thank EuroBump, who took time for us by answering our questions.

John Frank


Cem Kalkan

The John Frank brand, which has succeeded in adding a different atmosphere to the clothing sector since its establishment, has gained a solid place in the field of textile with its stylish and high quality products. Manufacturing for many different fields, brand, colorful and lively patterns model options with the user's appreciation has been collected. Thanks to their creative and aesthetic designs, the products of the brand, which appeals to people from all styles, are presented to the user with a very wide range.



Ilyas Yesilmen

Neutron Security Technologies Inc. is a company operating in the national and international market in video surveillance solutions and operating in the security technology sector that produces its own products and software. There are office and sales representative offices in America, Europe, Oceania, Africa. Neutron, one of the world's 10 largest video surveillance solution companies, aims to take the first place in 5 years. Following the technology, the company preferred B2B Store to gather all operations such as sales, finance, accounting and shipment under one roof. As B2B Store, we had questions to Neutron General Manager Mr. İlyas Yeşilmen. We thank him very much for his sincere answers to the questions we have asked.



Emin Sen

The KEMETYL group has become one of the largest companies in its field in Europe with 250 employees in 13 countries that provide 140 m € turnover to 45 countries. Following a series of acquisitions, it has grown as a complete, integrated and Europe as a comprehensive partner in the sector. 13 KEMETYL Group, which has a unique asset with its 4 production areas and various contractor areas in the European countries, speaks your language with the slogan “Our customers are almost we are there ve and 24 different languages."



Betul Onder

IMSP is a manufacturer since 1980, produces high quality engine sealing parts.



Ertuğrul ALKAN

Aroma Bursa Fruit Waters and Food Industry Inc. was founded in 1968 on a land of approximately 75.000 m² in Gürsu district of Bursa. In 1991, Duruk Group was transferred to the management by taking the majority shares in the company. The amount of fruit processed with the investment move that started in 1991 was increased day by day and increased from 20,000 tons to 125,000 tons per year and aroma has become one of the leading fruit juice filling facilities of the country. As B2B Store, we had questions to Ertuğrul Alkan, Aroma Information Systems Manager. We thank him very much for his sincere answers to the questions we have asked.

koray varol


İsa Murat Savaş

As Koray Varol Academy Publications, our support models for education and individual development are not only for our students, but also for parents. The achievement -oriented approach adopted by Koray Varol in the publications of the Academy turns into success and visionary preferences. As B2B Store, we had questions about İsa Murat Savaş, the Production and Distribution Manager of Koray Varol Academy. We thank him very much for his sincere answers to the questions we have asked.

fuat oto


Gürkan Topçu

Fuat Oto spare parts preferred the B2B Store dealer management system for the needs of the B2B automation system that he wants to create in the growing and developing structure. Fuat Oto SPARE PARTS WITH OUR FULL INTIVISION B2B STORE DEALER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SOLUTIONS PROVIDED BY OUR Experienced Staff has brought together innovation and speed in the management system in the dealer network. Fuat auto spare parts work fully integrated with the logo. We also had questions to Mr. Gürkan Topçu as B2B Store. We thank him very much for his sincere answers to the questions we have asked.

öz karadeniz


İbrahim Demirci

Founded in 1986 by Burhanettin Demirci, the Black Sea technical hardware sector serves. 2nd generation Özkaradeniz Construction and Construction Materials Petrol Kimya Food Textile Tourism Transportation Industry Trade Limited Company, which changed the structure of the company in 2002, by establishing a small and large scale industrial establishment and nalburiye needs in many sectors in Turkey and abroad. serving. As B2B Store, we had questions to Mr. İbrahim Demirci, the accounting manager of Öz Karadeniz Construction Company. We thank him very much for his sincere answers to the questions we have asked.

art lastik


Gökçe Özbilgen

The company, which has been operating since 1972, is a Pirelli dealer and sells all tire brands wholesale and retail. In addition, the company that offers services such as 2. Hand Tire Sales and Tire Hotel uses our integrated B2B software with logo. As B2B Store, we had questions to Gökçe Özbilgen, the Artvin Trade Company Information Process Manager. We thank him very much for his sincere answers to the questions we have asked.



Bekir Özdemir

Özdoğan Elektronik company has been serving in the sector with 1500 product varieties such as spare materials, cable groups and voiceover of electronic devices since 1996. Özdoğan Elektronik is following the innovations for the needs of its customers with its 25 years of experience and increases the product range and service quality. In this context, he preferred B2B Store B2B software with micro -integration in order to use it to dealers in the wholesale process.

ender yapi


Sinan Demirel

Ender Yapı, which provides services with expert sales and marketing staff, has a wide range of products that contain advanced technology and innovative products in stocks, has a fast and reliable distribution network in terms of supply coordination and logistics.