About us

B2B Store setups B2B Systems to companies all of the world since 2003. We are a software company that is specialized in B2B software. We operate the software on the cloud. Using state-of-the-art technology with R & D studies, it provides the highest performance in the B2B software field. It is fully integrated with the accounting (ERP) program in order to maximize the profitability while decreasing the operation cost of the departments owned by the companies such as marketing, sales, accounting and stock. The end users, buyers or dealers quickly reach the right data which make them being satisfied. All parties achieving their goal, proofs the success of B2BStore.

How to work?

We know your needs and systems closely and offer you the best solution.
We can easily integrate with our advanced technologies to all the systems and infrastructure you use.
We provide to the customers in a minimum time to improve their business processes, increase the bottom lines and reduce the workload.