Maximize your profit by minimizing
your operations with B2B Store.


B2B Store meticulously integrates your B2b e-commerce platform with your ERP program for your e-commerce system such as product and detailed price information of the product, product and product lists, plan and detail information of your customer, limit. Integration is integrated with all preparatory programs with a "firm" special structure. with security and performance. Apply to the B2B Store e-commerce application. All health related to your e-commerce transactions; Your information, information, information about your products, information about your information, details of product information, and web service sections containing cargo tracking information are shared in detail. All order plans, all options such as payment method are sorted according to your ERP program. Your customers' orders and payments are included in your accounting and training programs to have affordable prices. We are services related to other programs or systems. SAP, IOracle, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Logo Jaguar, Mikro, xapta, E, Dia, Sage, ERP program and Acumatica, all kinds of ERP programs, Acumatica, Acumatica, A. You can transfer your data as online xml and reach them via marketplaces. Transformation of data to all platforms when it occurs is uploaded to your controls from a single point. B2B Store e-commerce packages size and bring all your company's processes and controls to the online system, bringing minimum workload as well as maximum problems. You can view your follow-ups from all operations. In the application, you can benefit from Logo support tools regarding accounting integration and offer practical solutions. B2B Store 9 works on servers that can withstand even earthquakes, with state-of-the-art servers and construction and presentations in the clouds. As long as you can evaluate the returns of your products, return requests are deducted as a waybill. It is transformed into the dreams of your customers. It finds a solution that can make detailed analyzes about the B2B Store.