Maximize your profit by minimizing
your operations with B2B Store.


Our B2B e-commerce platform provides a robust ERP integration, allowing you to seamlessly manage all your e-commerce operations. This integration enables you to synchronize a wide range of information, from detailed product data to customer invoices, and ensures flexible compatibility with all accounting programs.

This customizable tailored integration to your company operates in an environment with high security standards and performance, safeguarding your information and providing backup capabilities. The B2B Store e-commerce integration transfers your data instantly, making it rapidly accessible to your customers. All e-commerce data, including inventory status, sales information, customer details, and special promotional rates, is efficiently shared through web services.

Details such as order specifics, invoices, payment methods, and other sales data are successfully integrated into your ERP system. Customer orders and payments are quickly communicated to your accounting systems, ensuring data integrity. Additionally, we seamlessly integrate with a variety of ERP programs, including popular ones like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Through online XML data export, you can integrate with online marketplaces, distributing data from accounting programs to various platforms. B2B Store e-commerce packages minimize your workload, allowing you to maximize profits. With a mobile-friendly admin panel, you can easily track processes and sales on your mobile device, instantly access reports, and efficiently manage your operations.

Teaming up with Logo as a solution partner, B2B Store offers rapid and effective solutions in integration and support processes. Our state-of-the-art servers securely store your data and operate on a robust infrastructure capable of withstanding earthquakes of up to magnitude 9. In our user-friendly interface, you can manage return processes, with returned items automatically reflected in your accounting program, initiating the approval and integration process.