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STOCK and Warehouse Constructıon

Warehouse and stock structure, which are the most important details of e-commerce operations, are more easily controlled with B2B Store e-commerce solutions. Regardless of warehouse and stock structure, all details about B2B Store e-commerce system, stock and warehouse records are transferred to the database quickly and accurately. Regardless of the number of warehouses, thanks to the integrated e-commerce warehouse and inventory system, all the features products are displayed in real time to customers. The information of the cargoes and products that are in the process of delivery with the inventory on the road is also shared with the customers simultaneously.

STOCK and Warehouse Construction Features

1. E-Commerce Warehouse Editing

Companies that keep their products in store within B2B Store e-commerce system bring a breath of fresh air to their operations with B2B Store e-commerce warehouse design. Warehouse data and inventory numbers are shown completely to the customers. At this point, the B2B Store e-commerce warehouse editor provides a high level e-commerce experience to dealers. In addition, B2B Store e-commerce warehouse data is shared over sales channels to create more effective relationships with dealers.

B2BStore E-Commerce Warehouse Editing

2. B2B Store Stock on the Road Add-In

B2B Store provides usage options that enable interactive inventory tracking within e-commerce processes. Thanks to the inventory add-in on the way, which is one of them, the information of the orders which are not stored and given from the suppliers is shared with the users. Thanks to the ERP accounting program integration, the information on the e-commerce site is monitored instantly by the users. The products that are not in stock and which will be added to the storage are followed up and the orders are programmed according to this information.

B2BStore B2B Store Stock on the Road Add-In

3. Stock Display Type

In the B2B Store e-commerce panel, inventory information can be displayed at the preferred numerical value to the dealers. Due to the stock display type, available stocks are displayed using different alternative values. In this way, the purchasing behavior of the dealer is can be steered. Displayoptions such as is stock / out of stock, +5 items, +20 items can be preferred.

B2BStore Stock Display Type

4. B2B Store Order

B2B Store e-commerce system is a system that allows dealers to place orders online and purchase products online through the online store in the fastest and most accurate way possible. Dealers and sellers easily track orders placed by dealers or customers.

B2BStore B2B Store Order