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B2B Store E-Payment Solutions Facilitates Collection Operations

B2B Store e-payment uses virtual pos solutions of all banks. With the comprehensive implementation of B2B Store collections, the installment options of banks, special campaigns, installment rates are reflected in real time to the e-payment system. B2B Store benefits from innovative technologies such as SSL security and 3-D Secure to make the e-payment experience more secure.

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Comprehensive Pos Solutions

B2B Store benefits from leading banks virtual POS solutions for a top-level experience in customer collection during e-commerce or online sales processes. B2B Store's e-payment solutions, enriched by virtual pos integration options, instantly display installment and interest options.

Brief and Fast Collection Processes

B2B Store offers 3-D Secure support and SSL assurance options to optimize e-payment processes in the most secure way. With innovative financial technologies, B2B Store ensures that all payment processes of customers are carried out in the safest and the fastest way possible.

Analysis and Reporting

B2B Store, e-payment solutions are enriched with versatile analysis and reporting options. In this way, your expenditures, financial statements and current movements are reported periodically in e-payment processes.

Current Account Activities and Tracking Payments

B2B Store Current Account Activity

Current Account Activitie

B2B Store provides great convenience to users with e-commerce solutions that add flexibility to e-payment, e-commerce and online collection processes. Thanks to the B2B Store e-payment infrastructure, all current movements and financial data can be controlled through a single point, debt / receivables of customers and dealers can be monitored.

Payment Control System Ödeme Kontrol Sistemi

B2B Store facilitates e-payment processes and automates the value tracking option provided by customers and dealers to the admin panel. The payment stream allows situations such as debt payments to be tracked in real time from the system. The B2B Store advanced e-commerce communication options allow the payment date to be automatically notified of upcoming debts to customers and dealers.

What B2B Store Collection Provides Customers and Dealers

Current Account Tracking

B2B Store transfers real-time financial data such as e-payments, receivables / payments, to customers. It automatically reminds customers of their credit status.

Assigning a Bank

B2B Store collections allow customers and suppliers to make payments over the bank they wish.

Payment at a Single Page

With B2B Store collection solutions, dealers and customers make all payment transactions on a single page.

Prompt Payment

B2B Store e-payment enables customers and dealers to minimize the time lost in the payment process, enabling them to make their edits as quickly as possible.

High Level Usage Options for B2B Store Collection

B2B Store Advanced Integration with B2B Store Payment

Advanced Integration with B2B Store Collection

B2B Store e-payment offers versatile integration options that reduce the operational burden, save time and make payments easy to follow. B2B Store integrates all sales and payment data instantly with advanced integration options. In this way B2B Store integrates with e-payment and accounting programs to manage payment and current accounts from a single point in a controlled manner.

Cancellation and Returns are Very Easy with B2B Store Collection

Thanks to B2B Store e-collection service, all cancellations and refunds can be easily performed through the B2B Store admin panel. With the flexible usage options provided by B2B Store e-collection service, current accounts, financial statements and accounting operations can be accessed with just one click.