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Smart Product Fınder

B2B Store e-commerce add-in is a smart product finder solution which enriches customer experience, gives customers a better e-commerce experience. Smart product finder e-commerce add-in, , allows users to find products they are looking for quickly through the online store. B2B Store's e-commerce infrastructure provides intelligent product finder e-commerce integration that will enable customers and vendors to find products in just a fraction of a second, regardless of the product they are looking for.

Smart Product Finder Features

1. Search by OEM

Search is one of the most important add-ins which make e-commerce systems functional. In this context, B2B Store promises to provide customers with a high-level search experience via an OEM search option. B2BStore, having solutions for different companies and sectors, offers search function with intelligent search OEM code for companies in the automotive sector. Unlimited numbers of OEM codes are defined in B2B Store smart search feature. Products can be found very easily by searching with more than one OEM code. For example ; When you write FIAT DOBLO 1.9 D PISTON ARM 46768951 OEM Code to Product Search Bar, the sales price, quantity of stock, product picture,.. etc. Of the relevant product will come to your display screen.

B2BStore Search by OEM

2. Search by Size

Another online store add-in which will make e-commerce operations even more away from customers is the size search feature. Frequently used sizes in the tire industry are at customers and dealer service with B2B Store smart product finder e-commerce add-in. Smart product finder recognizes tire sizes and can quickly find all the products associated with the size which the user has written. In this way, dealers and customers can get the results they want by just typing the size. It is not affected by punctuation marks placed between sizes when writing the size. For example ; If you want to search for a mark of 205/55 R 16 91 V, it is sufficient to write 2055516 instead of the smart product finder. Thus, all patterns of all brands that are stoct will be in the opposite direction if you look at the load and speed index.

B2BStore Search by Size

3. Search by Brand

Another feature of e-commerce solution provided by B2B Store is the search by brand option. Dealers and customers can find products only by typing the brand. Smart product finder can recognize products according to their brand and can search only based on that brand. Thus, customers can see all the products of the brand they are looking for on a single screen. For example ; It is enough to write Bendix / Michelin / Breville ... etc brand name to the intelligent product finder part of any brand you are looking for. Thus, all the products of the brand that you are looking for will be displayed on the screen.

B2BStore Search by Brand

4. Search by Manufacturer Code

B2B Store smart search e-commerce integration ensures that users can find products easily and get the information they want with data such as manufacturer codes used in sectors other than OEM code. For example ; FIAT DOBLO 1.9D PISTON SOLUTION When you write the CRX1271 manufacturer code in the Product Search Bar, the sales price, quantity of stock, product picture, etc. of the relevant product will come to your display screen.

B2BStore Search by Manufacturer Code

5. Search Without Special Characters

One of the mostinnovative options of B2B Store online store solutions is the search add-in without special characters. Smart search feature has an infrastructure which allows searching without bringing the special characters in products to the user. If there are special characters in the products to be searched, there are no products in normal calls without entering that special character. B2B Store intelligent search feature makes product searches accurate and complete, with or without special characters.

B2BStore Search Without Special Characters