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Quıck Orderıng System

One of the most productive features of B2B Store e-commerce infrastructure the fast ordering system, stands out as an extension which enriches customer experience and increases sales potential. Users who visit an e-commerce website and online sales store can purchase the products they added to carts online and on a single page, completing the online sales process with minimal effort.

Quick Ordering System Features

1. Pending Order

With B2B Store e-commerce add-in, users can view details of the orders they have placed with the pending order feature and track individual items in the orders. B2B Store e-commerce system pending order feature is activated if the order is not fully delivered. B2B Store pending order e-commerce add-in allows users to see which items have not been delivered or how many have been delivered. They plan their next orders accordingly, as they can track their orders on a pending-based basis.

B2BStore Pending Order

2. Order Details

B2B Store e-commerce system enables fast ordering e-commerce add-ins that provide a high level of experience for customers, allowing the order detail feature to track all orders given. The orders placed via B2B Store e-commerce system are examined in detail through the order detail module. All detail about sales with order details and e-commerce module which includes all information such as product, product name, price of the customer is tracked through a single point.

B2BStore Order Details