Manage Product Variations with B2B E-Commerce System in the Most Efficient Way

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Product and Variation

B2B Store e-commerce system, with its variation structure, provides the opportunity to classify products according to color, size and more variables. Variation classification, made in an integrated way through the B2B Store e-commerce virtual store, shares the data about the variations of the products with your customers. In this way, users can place more accurate orders by using various variations and options through the e-commerce virtual store system. B2B Store has developed the product variation system, which is especially in demand in the textile industry, and has allowed its customers to make sales in an easy and understandable way. On the detail pages of the products they want to buy, the customers can add the number of product variation options they want to add to their baskets and add all product variation options with a single click. In the product details, the stock quantities of the products can also be displayed. When clicking on the product variations, the image of the relevant variation can be opened and it can be determined how the product to be purchased looks according to the variation. On the other hand, the customers can see the products they add in their baskets one by one according to their variants. In addition, with the feature of grouping according to categories in the basket, the total amount based on the category groups and how many product variations have been added from whichever category is displayed. With variations such as color-size in the textile sector, Sph/Pwr/D, Astigmat/Cyl, Aks/Axis in the lens sector, our customers provide their dealers with a clear interface to sell. In addition, the "pre-sale" system used by Penti Giyim Ticaret Anonim Şirketi is also included in the B2B Store b2b e-commerce software. In the pre-sale system, variations are defined according to the addresses of the concubines and they can add to the cart according to these variations. In the product details, how much of each product has been added with the related products feature is displayed under the product image, and this allows you to add the product you are detailing in appropriate quantities. The products they collect in the basket are also considered as pre-sale orders and delivered to the customers. On the B2B Store management panel, you can easily manage your variations. You can specify variation groups and edit these groups by defining variation options. In product management, you can define the variation you want for the product you want. Or you can integrate your product variations in excel format to the b2b store in bulk. B2B Store has become the most preferred system of the b2b industry with its variation technology, rich usage area and elegance.