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Collectıon Optıons

B2B Store e-commerce payment add-in is a system that provides online payment communication with customers and dealers. Online payment add-in, which integrates with the payment infrastructure and POS systems of the banks, ensures that the payment processes within the e-commerce system are managed safely and quickly.

Collection Features

1. POS Management

With B2B store e-commerce pos management, virtual pos information given by banks is easily defined in the system of. The POS management add-in for e-commerce makes use of POS options that are integrated with the infrastructures of different banks.

B2B Store POS Management

2. Banks

B2B Store e-commerce payment add-in works integrated with all banks. At the same time, full integration is ensured with payment systems operating outside the bank. With 3D Secure feature, dealers securely make online payments. Dealers are able to make online payments from all Visa, MasterCard and Amex cards.

B2B Store banks

3. Cancellation and Refund

With the Cancel / Refund option in the B2B Store payment, the payments made are easily canceled or returned by the B2B Store e-commerce system without going to the bank screen. With this feature, you can immediately correct your erroneous cancellations / refunds without resorting to the bank cancellation / return you are working.

B2B Store Cancellation and Refund

4. Payment Reminder

Dealers can forget to pay in the payment process that takes place within the scope of e-commerce. With the B2B store payment reminder system, it is reminded to pay by mail to the vendors who forget the payment or have a payment date. With this feature, payments are increased and delayed receivables are reduced.

B2B Store Payment Reminder

Determining Installment

When you make a virtual pos deal with the banks, you can choose the installments and additional installment options that are suitable for you. With B2B Store installment feature you can also offer users with these installment options you have specified. In addition, if the bank has the additional installment possibility, you can use this additional installment option in the same way and make use of this opportunity when making payment.

B2B Store Determining Installment

6. Determining Different Installments for Customer Groups

One of the features in the B2B Store e-commerce management panel is that the installment option can be determined according to the customer group. By grouping customers, group A can be different from its customers, and group B can offer different installment options to its customers. In this way, it is possible to offer easier and profitable payment options to the customers who make many purchases.

B2B Store Determining Different Installments for Customer Groups