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Multıple Currency

B2B Store allows product display in different currencies via e-commerce website thanks to the multi-currency option. Thanks to the integrated e-commerce system which monitors global exchange rate changes in real time, values of products on different currencies are updated in real time based on the current exchange rates.

Multiple Currency Features

1. Central Bank Exchange

B2B Store follows exchange rate system through Central Bank rate. Exchange rates are updated on the system based on the rates determined by the Central Bank every day.

B2BStore Central Bank Exchange

2. Exchange Rate Determination

B2B Store e-commerce exchange tracking system is done by two different methods besides the data of central. One of these methods is manually setting the exchange rate through B2B Store management panel. The other method is to transfer the exchange rate information existing in your ERP/Accounting program to the B2B platform.

B2BStore Exchange Rate Determination

3. Different Currency for Different Product

Thanks to its advanced integration structure, B2B Store shows product prices on different currencies defined to them. Even if the products are defined by different currencies, customers will be shown the price in a currency type that is specific for them.

B2BStore Different Currency for Different Product

4. Different Customer Different Currency

B2B Store's multi-currency structure allows portraying different currencies for different customers. Dealers using B2B Store e-commerce system can see the price of the products according to the currency specified for them on ERP.

B2BStore Different Customer Different Currency