High Level Brand and Category Management with B2B E-Commerce System

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Category and Brand

Through the B2B Store, the e-commerce system is displayed in a systematic manner with its category and brand structure, products and their marks. Within the current product portfolio, all products are exhibited to the customers in an unlimited number of e-commerce categories as wished.

Category and Brand Features

1. Defining Product Category

B2B Store e-commerce category structure defines category hierarchy of products and e-commerce assets are displayed more systematically. Online store category structure is based on the product groups found in the ERP program. Thus, users can view products based on category while searching a product. Category based discounts can be offered thanks to the category structure. Sales reports are tracked based on category. E-commerce category structure makes products easier to find and provides extra convenience in reporting.

B2B Store Defining Product Category

2. Defining Product Brand

B2B Store also provides the ability to show products to dealers on a brand basis. By marking the brand, the brands of the products are shown to the users. At this point, users follow the brands of the products in the dealer's shop and order easily and safely. With brand definition, it is followed by which brand a company sells more. The sales and marketing strategy is established by determining the brands preferred by the users.

B2B Store Defining Product Brand

3. Hiding Brands Based on the Company

On demand, B2B Store does not show the products with the company-based ERP program defined to brand-owned the products, by its custom brand hiding structure. With the brand hiding structure, the brands offered for sale through the online store are defined according to the users, an e-commerce sales strategy is determined and more effective sales are made.

B2B Store Hiding Brands Based on the Company

4. Sort by Category and Brand

With the B2B Store advanced e-commerce integration structure, categories and brands that are presented to the users are displayed on the B2B screen. The system automatically or manually sorts these brands and categories to be. Desired category or brand is on top, ranking according to the online store sales strategy.

B2B Store Sort by Category and Brand