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with Batch Processing and Integration Options

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Batch Processes

B2B Store e-commerce system, collective update add-in, inventory, quantity and product information of products are updated collectively. One of the most innovative services within B2B Store's e-commerce services is 'Batch Operations' integration, which adds OEM numbers, aggregate price and price updates. Also, the batch code and user code are sent to the dealers users.

Batch Processes Features

1. Adding Bulk Price and Updating

Bulk price addition and update processes are performed on the B2B Store platform. Bulk prices can be added and updated by filling in Excel document prepared on B2B Store platform.

B2BStore Adding Bulk Price and Updating

2. Product - Stock Batch Updates

On the B2B Store management panel side, batch products or stocks can be added to and updated in the online store. Products and stocks are updated collectively, or new product cards and stock information are added by filling the Excel form in the B2B Store platform structure.

B2BStore Product - Stock Batch Updates

3. Batch User Update

B2B Store batch user addition and update operations are done by filling in the Excel form prepared on the management panel side. New users are added via the B2B Store e-commerce system. These users are also transferred to the accounting program.

B2BStore Batch User Update

4. Updating Batch OEM

Adding and updating OEM numbers of the products via the B2B Store management panel is easy and fast. OEM numbers for the products are updated collectively by filling out the Excel form that B2B Store platform has prepared. New OEM numbers are also added to the new products via this platform

B2BStore Updating Batch OEM