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The e-commerce accounting module, one of the most important integration options within the e-commerce operations, allows functionally controlling all accounting related and financial data. Reading the data, which is the most important step of B2B e-commerce integration, is very easy thanks to the e-commerce accounting add-in offered by B2B Store. B2B Store works in coordination with all desired accounting programs. Thanks to the B2B Store integration, stock statuses, current movements of the dealers are displayed completely and correctly.

Accounting Integration Features

1. Stock Integration

With the integration of the B2B Store accounting add-in, all inventory in the ERP system, or only the stocks that are specified, is integrated into the B2B Store through special encrypted codes. With a specialized software team in the field of senior and e-commerce system development, B2B Store ensures that the data is transferred correctly and protected data is protected within the e-commerce system.

B2BStore Stock Integration

2. Product Integration

With the product integration which is one of the most important modules of the B2B Store e-commerce service, the encrypted special code structure of the products in the ERP system is transferred to the B2B Store e-commerce page. The changes made on the products in the ERP system are updated every 5 minutes and transferred to the online store.

B2BStore Product Integration

3. Price Integration

With the B2B Store e-commerce price integration, the prices in the products of the ERP system are transferred to B2B Store e-commerce online store. The price information of the e-commerce products that are defined in the ERP system is shown simultaneously with the customer and the debit. The discount values defined in the ERP system are also transferred at the same time. When B2B Store e-commerce price integration is done, information is stored and backed up with special codes.

B2BStore Price Integration

4. Order Integration

Order management, one of the most important steps in e-commerce operations, is now easier with the e-commerce order integration add-in. With the B2B Store order transfer system, orders placed through B2B Store e-commerce online store are sent to the ERP system without any extra processing required. The only thing that needs to be done is to approve the order that came with the ERP system and print the invoice. All other transactions are made easily and securely with the B2B Store advanced integration structure.

B2BStore Order Integration

5. Current - Member Transfer Integration

The prevalents in the ERP program are transferred to the B2B Store e-commerce online store infrastructure with the current member transfer system included in the B2B Store e-commerce infrastructure. While this transfer is being carried out, the unwanted prevalids are not transferred to the B2B system. The current and member transfer system also works on both sides. The dealership applications made to the company on B2B Store are automatically transferred to the ERP program with a single click on the B2B Store platform. In this case, the same prevalid re-entry into the ERP program is not required.

B2BStore Current - Member Transfer Integration

6. Current Account Movement Integration

B2B Store e-commerce infrastructure allows the simultaneous monitoring of current account movements in the bureau using the B2B Store online store through current account transaction integration. In this way, dealers and customers reach their current account movements from a single point.

B2BStore Current Account Movement Integration