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In this post, we will look through the facts about b2b software and review in-depth benefits of the system.
First of all, b2b ecommerce is known as closed-loop ecommerce system, but there are contrastingly several options to establish a b2b system. To begin with, b2b ecommerce website can be designed as a closed-loop system which customers can login with their username and password and make transactions with their specific price and other options.

We can set up an ecommerce website both b2b and b2c

Moreover, we can design another option that can be created as both b2b and b2c. A “B2B LOGIN” button can be implemented to top of the website and system can run both two side with the same database. Also, there is another alternative that using the first page as a main corporation page and put products without prices or with retailer prices.

Yo do not have to be a wholesaler in B2B

The next fact about the b2b ecommerce software is that companies do not have to be a supplier or wholesaler. Actually, most of the b2b users sell the products online both business and consumers, b2b and b2c. Nevertheless, companies don't need a separate ecommerce platform. They can rely on a single URL for site interaction and SEO, and use another customer group to create customized browsing experiences for the B2B side.

Nowadays, most of people prefer online order instead of traditional ways

On the other hand, there is a decision that b2b customers do no want make orders online, they prefer traditional ways to get products. Nowadays, a new generation manages most of the businesses and research says they choose online bulk orders instead of classical methods. Consequently, b2b ecommerce sales increase to 32 billion dollars in 2020. Also, the buying patterns are similar to B2C, which brands must inform, build confidence, and build community before making a purchase decision.

Pricing options; hide or show retailer prices.

In the b2b ecommerce, most of the sellers do not want their prices available for public and they prefer to hide discount rates. There is another misconception about this issue but b2b software has exact solutions for this. Thanks to the complicated infrastructure of b2b software, you can assign different price types or discount rates for each customer. Also, you can show a default list price and special price for each one. By this feature, you can manage each types of customers you accepted to the system. To sum up, you can also use your ecommerce website to enable product visibility with a retailer price or without price as a b2c but customers who are logged in to b2b customer groups can see customized prices.

B2B eCommerce is not a cold method

The next misconception about the b2b is that online store is a cold method for b2b shopping. In reality, there should be personal relationships to keep a business between two companies for years. Some people decide that you can not save the busines without physical contact. In fact, you do not have to use b2b as a cold method. Thanks to the chat box and similar technologies you can easily set up new conversations and generate marketing techniques online. Furthermore, you will have extra time for the marketing and possibility to increase sales. You can physically visit 40-50 customers daily but you can connect hundreds of customers online. Another topic related b2b is customized orders. People think you can not make customized orders online. Many businesses want to provide customized orders, maybe flexibility in payment etc. Thanks to the high-tech b2b software, customers can send proposal form with personalized prices and you can accept or make adjustments on the form. Besides, you can get new customer approval forms and assign price types for each one. Then, the B2B customer will in their own special category, so they won't have to go through the process again the next time they order.