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B2B Store Increasıng Customer and Dealer Sales Fıgures

B2B Store enables your customers and dealers to be observed more closely, thus increasing your profitability and brand power. With the B2B Store b2b software service, your customers and dealers; It enables you to reach your targeted turnover and trade volume by rewarding according to certain rules such as promotions, discounts, gifts, checks. Every company aiming to grow needs to keep up with the developing new technology. With the B2B Store, you can come to the point where you can gain very important shares in the sector by offering all the innovations that your customers need and by ensuring the development of both your customers and your company. With the ease of use, speed, simplicity and design options we have provided to B2B Store customers, the interaction between our customers' dealers and sub-dealers has increased rapidly, reflecting positively on their business volumes. B2B Store, with its rich software solutions, providing versatile usage possibilities with its themes and software suitable for almost every sector, the tire industry, automotive and sub-industry industry, textile industry, food industry, furniture, decoration and household goods industry, building, construction, hardware industry. , education and publishing sector, health, cosmetics and medical products sector, electricity, electronics and information sector and other sectors, offers all opportunities to increase customer and dealer sales to its customers, and therefore it is the most preferred b2b system provider in the b2b sector. In addition, the seo compatible infrastructure of the B2B Store plays an important role in gaining new customers by appearing at the top of the search engines for our customers using the open b2b system. B2B Store provides great convenience for the specific relations between its customers and dealers by offering them additional software in line with the demands. The benefits that B2B Store has provided with a large number of software to date have enabled companies to do more with less effort, and as a result, their companies have achieved high profitability rates and customer growth. All these benefits did not go unnoticed by the giants of the industry, and large-scale companies such as Pirelli, Penti, Securitas, ALJ, Neutron, Aroma, Netelsan, Can Yayınları, Sincanlı, Saygılı Rulman, Tudem Tedarik preferred B2B Store to increase the profitability of their dealers. accelerated its growth.