High Level Online Store Experience with Advanced Filtering Options

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Filtration and Product

B2B Store customizes searches with one of the most advanced features of e-commerce system management, by filtering and product selection options, with variables such as brand or product category. Users can find products and product groups more easily by searching through e-commerce website or online store. At the same time, filtering and product search options make it easy to find features for products and product groups sought through e-commerce websites.

Filtration and Product Features

1. Filter by Brand

With the brand filtering structure, products can be filtered by brand on B2B Store online store. In the ERP system, the brand information of the products is transferred to the B2B e-commerce system with the advanced integration structure.. Users can view the brand information of the products while at the same time display the related brands or brands at once with the filtering feature

B2B Store Filter by Brand

2. Filter by Technical Features

Technical specifications defined for products are uploaded to B2B online store system with B2B Store advanced e-commerce integration structure. Afterwards in B2B e-commerce system, filtering structure based on technical specifications is activated. Thus, users can find products they are looking for easily by filtering according to the specifications they seek.

B2B Store Filter by Technical Features

3. Display of Technical Features

Product features on the online store are displayed in the detail section of the products within the B2B Store e-commerce system. Users can also view the technical specifications of a product when they review the product detail page. Thus, more information is gathered about the products on e-commerce system.

B2B Store Display of Technical Features

4. Display of Technical Photos

In B2B e-commerce dealer system, the Patlak picture feature, which helps show additional technical pictures of the products to users, makes it easy to present details about the products. By sharing visual data of a product with the technical photo tab via e-commerce panel, customers can reach other sub-products which are connected faster and more easily. Products are more accessible by adding links to technical photos via Mapping feature.

B2B Store Display of Technical Photos

Video Display

In the B2B Store e-commerce system, all the information about the products are shown to the users and also the videos of the products are shown. Because the video insertion feature integrates with all video channels, video links are easily placed in e-commerce virtual shop from all video uploading sites. This will give your users more information about that product.

B2B Store Video Display