Empower Field Sales Operations with B2B Store Infrastructure

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Field Sales Structure

B2B Store field sales system empowers field sales representatives at the firm to create a versatile trading volume. Field teams work in tandem with the B2B Store e-commerce infrastructure to track real-time data flow and view inventory information simultaneously. Thanks to the B2B Store field sales structure, field crews also give various promotions such as discounts to defined dealers.

Field Sales Structure Features

1. Special Discount and Pricing

Within e-commerce processes, when a customer representative visits his or her region, it is often needed to make a discount on the order or change the price to conclude the sale concurrently. B2B Store field sales structure offers the customer agent the opportunity to instantly offer instant discounts based on the currency and regulate the product price. The special discount and pricing authority granted to the customer representative is activated by the company.

B2B Store Special Discount and Pricing

2. See Identified Dealers

B2B Store field sales management is fully integrated with the ERP system. All dealers defined in customer representatives in the ERP system are also defined in the B2B Store e-commerce system. When the customer representatives enter the B2B Store e-commerce system they will see their defined dealers. In this way, the customer representatives concentrate only on their own dealers and make all kinds of dealings immediately.

B2B Store See Identified Dealers

3. See the Reports of Defined Dealers

Customer representatives follow the information, reports and necessary controls of defined dealers through the B2B Store platform section. With its advanced reporting structure, B2B Store offers detailed sales reports for both its customers' performance and for dealers.

B2B Store See the Reports of Defined Dealers