Classify Dealer and Sub-Dealers with B2B Store E-Commerce Infrastructure

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Dealer and Sub-Dealer Structure

B2B Store e-commerce online store system offers an advanced optimization option that allows reseller and sub-dealer configuration. With the betting option all users can be separated into groups as dealers and sub-dealers through the e-commerce website and a high level e-commerce experience can be designed for the customers. With defined groups, dealers or sub-dealers can view and order products through defined users using B2B e-commerce infrastructure.

Dealer and Sub-Dealer Structure Features

1. Identification of Sub-Dealer

Through the versatile B2B Store e-commerce infrastructure, businesses collaborating with suppliers have the capability to establish sub-dealer accounts, expanding their network to include sub-dealers linked to their suppliers or customers. This sub-dealer identification structure serves to enhance the B2B Store e-commerce dealer management network, making it more accessible and user-friendly. By utilizing this feature, businesses can effectively broaden their reach and simplify the management of their dealer ecosystem, fostering greater efficiency and cooperation within the network.

B2B Store Identification of Sub-Dealer

2. Sub-Dealer Payment

Within the B2B Store e-commerce sub-dealership framework, users have the ability to accept payments from their sub-dealers. These payments are seamlessly recorded in the sub-user's current account, streamlining the payment process and expediting the transaction flow. This efficient system not only accelerates payment procedures but also enhances the overall ease of conducting financial transactions, benefiting both users and their sub-dealers.

B2B Store Sub-Dealer Payment

3. Sub-Dealer Displaying Price - Ordering

An online store firm, established as a sub-dealer within the B2B Store e-commerce sub-dealer structure, gains access to a comprehensive view of the products offered by the main firm. This includes detailed information on product prices and the ability to place orders seamlessly. This feature empowers sub-dealer firms with a comprehensive and transparent view of the main firm's product catalog, pricing, and ordering processes, facilitating a smoother and more collaborative business relationship between the two entities.

B2B Store Sub-Dealer Displaying Price - Ordering