Classify Dealer and Sub-Dealers with B2B Store E-Commerce Infrastructure

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Dealer and Sub-Dealer Structure

B2B Store e-commerce online store system offers an advanced optimization option that allows reseller and sub-dealer configuration. With the betting option all users can be separated into groups as dealers and sub-dealers through the e-commerce website and a high level e-commerce experience can be designed for the customers. With defined groups, dealers or sub-dealers can view and order products through defined users using B2B e-commerce infrastructure.

Dealer and Sub-Dealer Structure Features

1. Identification of Sub-Dealer

By using B2B Store e-commerce infrastructure and working with a supplier, dealers can open sub-dealers' accounts to their suppliers or customers through sub-dealer identification structure. In this way, B2B Store e-commerce dealer management network is widened and can be used more easily.

B2B Store Identification of Sub-Dealer

2. Sub-Dealer Payment

Users using B2B Store e-commerce sub-dealership structure can receive payments from their sub-dealers. The payments made are reflected in the current account of the sub-user. This makes the payments that are going to happen faster and more easily.

B2B Store Sub-Dealer Payment

3. Sub-Dealer Displaying Price - Ordering

An online store firm which is identified as a sub-dealer with theB2B Store e-commerce sub-dealer structure can see the products sold by the main firm, their prices and order.

B2B Store Sub-Dealer Displaying Price - Ordering