Maximize E-Commerce Process with Account Tracking Add-In

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B2B Store allows you to monitor current movements completely, thanks to versatile e-commerce integration options and e-commerce accounting add-on within the scope of the e-commerce system. B2B Store enables dealer groups defined through the dealer screen to follow up their current accounts in detail. In this way, dealers follow their own accounts through the e-commerce system. Thus, the operational burden of both you and your dealers is eliminated. You will save time in your work. In the B2B Store current account system, you can see fields such as date, due date, document number, type of transaction, debt, receivable, account balance, explanation on the current account page. In order to make the payment of one or more current transactions with debts, there is an option to make the payment on the online payment page by ticking the selection box. It is also possible to switch to a page where features such as total debt, total receivable, telephone, foreign currency type of all current accounts are displayed. On the current account page, you can search for current transactions in certain date ranges, search for current transactions on a yearly basis, or filter by entering any information using a general search. If you want, you can print the current transactions table as pdf or save it to your device in excel format. In addition to these, on this page, you can see the total credit, total debt, balance and foreign currency features of the relevant current account. You can also see the relevant transactions by filtering on the basis of foreign currency for current accounts that have created current transactions with more than one currency type. For transactions such as credit card receipt, check entry, you can print and document fields such as your company's logo, stamp-signature field in the current transaction details. There is also a screen where you can see the details of current invoices. On this screen, information such as invoice date, invoice number, billing address regarding the invoice, information such as the name, surname, e-mail, tax number, address, payment type of the current account, the product features of the ordered products, and the total amount at the bottom. There is a summary section with information such as total discount, total VAT, and final amount. B2B Store offers you a structure where you can view the movements of your current accounts quickly and clearly with the functional areas in the current account transactions system.