Maximize E-Commerce Process with Account Tracking Add-In

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B4BStore Pro provides you with comprehensive, real-time tracking capabilities thanks to its seamless integration with various accounting platforms and an advanced e-commerce accounting plugin. With B4BStore Pro, dealer groups, easily configured through the private dealer portal, can obtain detailed information about their current accounts. This allows dealers to efficiently manage their accounts within the e-commerce ecosystem, thus streamlining operations for both you and your dealer network. Saving time is at the core of B4BStore Pro's features.

Within the B4BStore Pro current account system, you can access important information such as transaction date, maturity date, document number, transaction type, unpaid debt, receivables and account balance, which are easily displayed on the current account page. For payments on one or more transactions, simply tick the selection boxes to initiate online payments via our secure online payment page. You can also go to a summary page that shows total debits, total receivables, contact information and currency details for all current accounts.

The flexibility of the system is evident with the various search options that allow you to filter available transactions by entering specific details by date range, yearly basis, or general search. If necessary, you can export the current transactions table as PDF or save it in Excel format to your local device. In addition to these features, B4BStore Pro provides a comprehensive overview of your relevant current accounts by displaying total credit, total debit, balance and currency-specific transactions for accounts containing multiple currency types.

It allows you to include important document details such as your company's logo and stamp-signature fields in current transaction records in transactions such as credit card receipt and check entry. Additionally, B4BStore Pro provides a dedicated screen to view details of existing invoices. This includes the invoice date, invoice number, invoice address, customer information such as name, email, tax number and address, payment method for the current account, as well as product details for the products ordered, total amount payable and total discounts, total VAT. Summary section showing the bill and the final invoice amount.

B4BStore Pro offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to monitor your current accounts efficiently, making it easy to track financial movements with precision and clarity.