B2B Software Solutions for Building Construction Tools

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SGS Group

SGS Tools is one of the leading manufacturers of hand tools in operation since 1980. There are more than 400 products in its portfolio. SGS continues its entire production in its new facility in Istanbul in a total closed area of 12.000 m2. SGS Hand Tools preferred B2B Store software as a B2B dealer management system.



Ender, which provides service with its expert sales and marketing staff, has a wide range of products with advanced technology and innovative products in its stocks, has a fast and reliable distribution network in terms of supply coordination and logistics, preferred B2B Store software.


Arfel Construction

Operating in the construction materials industry since 1994,the company has reached an important point in its territory with the principle of business ethics. Holding the dealership of many important brands in the industry,the company has also a significant share in imported products. It provides the best service to its customers with its marketing network reaching a wide region through its wide product range and sales team. In this sense, Arfel which uses its preference in B2B software in favor of B2B store, has also fastly entered to the e-commerce.



Duayen Construction Chemicals, which is one of the leading companies in the construction and floor chemicals sector, provides high quality services with its production techniques, superior design strength and experienced expert staff. They preferred the B2B store for the B2B and B2C platforms.


KASSAN established in the automotive spare parts industry and manufacturing facilities in 1983. Then, the firm began to produce embedded ovens in 2008. They were looking for the most reliable solution for its dealers operating in the built-in industry, Lanova achieved this solution with its B2B Store dealership system.


Akbaba Hardware

Akbaba Hardware company which has been serving its customers in the hardware and decoration industry for many years, preferred B2B Store for b2b ecommerce software.



The firm produce the goods in 60.000 meters square facility with 700 staff. They export the products to 47 countries and also has dealers for selling points. In order to ensure that the quality is always prevalent, the group companies produce at the quality standards accepted by all the world. The company, which has such successes, preferred the B2Bstore platforms by integrated Micro to manage the business processes.



Karadayı works as wholesaler of hardware products and they selected B2B Store for wholesale ecommerce software.


Mersan Hardware



Turkuaz is established in 1993. The company which offers special products to the ceramic sanitary ware market, uses our Micro-integrated B2B software.



Sakura is the Mediterranean field dealer of Panasonic and uses B2B Store ePayment solutions.



Founded in 1986, the company serves in the construction materials industry. In 2002, the company changed its structure and serves products that it has made an agency and dealership to meet the needs of small and large industrial enterprises and hardware stores in many industries at the World.


Meb Metal

Established in 1984, MEB METAL produces raw materials and products for chemical, ceramic, glass, rubber/rubber, animal feed, paint, agriculture/fertilizer, galvanization and animal husbandry industries to 23 countries in Europe and Asia in accordance with FAMIQS quality assurance systems, with REACH registered in 2 separate production facilities spread over 10.000 meters squared closed area.



Ege vision Electronics and machinery started operations in 2005. Since its establishment, electronic, automation of textile machinery maintenance and repair providing services in these areas and who work with our company, taking account of gas in the cooling system evaporative coolers work on higher energy costs has accelerated. Our company has achieved 90% savings in energy costs in small and medium-sized enterprises, especially industrial enterprises. In 2011, he started to show up in the international markets by creating our’ Springday ' brand.


Numan Ozkara Constructions

Numan Ozkara is a successful company that provides service in its field for many years, selling products belonging to professional users and its market, based on “100% customer satisfaction” in its sales. They decided to carry their wholesales to the online b2b system and preferred B2B Store for the b2b ecommerce systems.


Öz Çamlıca Hırdavat

Öz Çamlıca Hırdavat, inşaat sektörünün global marka değerine sahip firma ürünlerini, mağazasında toptan satın alma yapılabildiği gibi, son tüketicinin istek ve beklentilerini karşılayan perakende satışlarda yapmaktadır. Geniş ürün yelpazemizle eksiklerinizi karşılamakta olan Öz Çamlıca Mikro ile entegreli B2B yazılımımızı kullanmaktadır.


Atlı Hırdavat

Continuing to serve its customers in the Wholesale Construction Materials sector in İzmir, Atlı Hardware B2b preferred B2b Store.


kayalar kimya

Kayalar Kimya, which started its production life in 1976, provides a stable and reliable production environment in its production facilities equipped with the latest technology and equipped with the most advanced automation system, established on an area of 59 thousand m2. Kayalar Kimya, one of the largest furniture paint and varnish manufacturers in Europe with a production capacity of 60 thousand tons, entered the Coatings World list, which determines the most prestigious companies in its sector worldwide, in 2019 from the 79th place. Kayalar Chemicals preferred the software to be used in the wholesale sector, in favor of the B2B Store.


ortaklar teknik



Güven Yapı Malzemeleri started its business life in the hardware and hardware sector as a tradesman's business in Istanbul/Küçükçekmece 35 years ago in 1986; It was registered in the Istanbul Trade Registry in 1993. Güven Building Materials and Paint Imp. Ihr. Singing. Trade Ltd. Sti. continues its commercial activities. Continuing its wholesale activities in its main warehouse in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul, the company preferred B2b in online systems and B2b Store b2b software with eta integration.