Enrich Interactions with B2B Customers
Using User-Focused Campaign Options

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B2B Store allows designing customer-focused campaigns with solutions that add flexibility to e-commerce edits. E-commerce processes are managed more effectively with campaigns for customized customer groups and different campaigns are defined for different customer groups. B2B Store campaign structure provides a high level e-commerce online store experience for both the reseller and the customer.

Campaign Features

1. Package Based Campaign

Within the scope of B2B e-commerce campaign add-in, package-based campaign modules and sales of products are managed on optional package basis. Thus, users can take the products as packages instead of getting them one by one. During the package-based campaign definition, if a customer prefers to buy the product with package, sales can be increased by assigning a special price.

B2BStore Package Based Campaign

2. Quantity Based Campaign

Piece-based campaigns, an effective module to increase sales during e-commerce online processes, delivers bulk orders through online stores. The B2B Store unit-based campaign module is used to direct users to purchase more pieces. According to the definitions made by this module, users can see the price definitions according to the number of pieces in their products and plan the order list accordingly.

B2BStore Quantity Based Campaign

3. Cross Discount

Cross-discounting, which is one of the most comprehensive modules between B2B Store and e-commerce campaign modules, applies the discounts for current groups and product groups. Cross discount structure allows extra discounts between these two groups by grouping users and products.

B2BStore Cross Discount

4. Dealer Group Based Discount

B2B Store e-commerce system add-in stands out with solutions that cover all the details of the customer experience. Dealer-based discount options, which will add an innovative boost to e-commerce processes, allows you to design campaigns and promotions for grouped users. Through customized e-commerce campaigns, we develop effective sale strategies and e-commerce edits for targeted groups

B2BStore Dealer Group Based Discount