Integrate B2B E-Commerce Operations with Effective Advertising

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B2B Store brings a breath of fresh air to customer contact with its extensive e-commerce infrastructure. B2B Store provides communication with customers through advertising tools and deliver messages quickly through a online store. B2B e-commerce is maximized with ads that will be placed in strategic locations determined in the online store.

Advertisement Features

1. Banner - Images

The B2B Store e-commerce portal keeps users informed through prominently displayed banner sections on the online store. These banner fields serve as dynamic platforms to convey real-time updates on ongoing campaigns, ensuring users are instantly aware of the latest promotions and offers. Additionally, the portal provides valuable information on installment rates offered by various banks, giving users transparency and the opportunity to make informed financial decisions while shopping on the platform.

B2B Store Banner - Images

2. News

The B2B Store's news field is a versatile feature designed to offer users in-depth information beyond the banner and images. This dedicated News section serves as a platform for sharing company-specific updates or sector-related news. Users can explore a wealth of content, including links, visuals, files, and videos, creating a comprehensive and engaging resource that enhances their understanding of industry developments and company announcements.

B2B Store News

3. Dealer Announcement System

The B2B Store's dealer announcement system is a sophisticated e-commerce tool designed for the targeted delivery of messages to specific users. This versatile e-commerce add-on enables customized messages to be sent to individual users or groups, facilitating seamless and effective communication with the intended audience. Users have the convenience of accessing these messages within the e-commerce system and can also receive them via email, ensuring constant and accessible communication channels to keep users informed and engaged.

B2B Store Dealer Announcement System