Integrate B2B E-Commerce Operations with Effective Advertising

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B2B Store brings a breath of fresh air to customer contact with its extensive e-commerce infrastructure. B2B Store provides communication with customers through advertising tools and deliver messages quickly through a online store. B2B e-commerce is maximized with ads that will be placed in strategic locations determined in the online store.

Advertisement Features

1. Banner - Images

B2B Store e-commerce portal informs users with the banner fields on the online store, mentions instantly made campaigns, announces installment rates for banks.

B2B Store Banner - Images

2. News

B2B Store news field is a field that is used to give more detailed information to users besides banner and images. With the News section, news belonging to a company or sector is published. Link, visual, file or video sharing can be done within the news.

B2B Store News

3. Dealer Announcement System

B2B Store dealer announcement system is an e-commerce structure in which messages intended to be transmitted specifically to users are sent. This e-commerce add-in, which can be specially sent to any user or group of users, ensures communication with users at all times. Users can see incoming messages on e-commerce system and receive them as mail.

B2B Store Dealer Announcement System