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With its user-friendly interface and usage options, B2B Store appeals to companies that aim to provide a high-level customer experience. With B2B Store, you can carry out your activities through the virtual store even if your business is closed or on holiday, thanks to its flexible usage options. The B2B Store service, which enables you to manage all your e-commerce processes more efficiently, takes the dialogue between you and the customer to the next level. While you have to be subject to a certain opening and closing time in physical shops, it is possible to keep your business open 24/7 with the B2B Store b2b system. In this way, trading can be done in your business even while you are sleeping. This is offered to you as a feature that enables business owners to achieve the highest profitability rate. Since the shopping is not subject to the working hours limitation, the workload spreads over time and makes the process more efficient. This contributes to the planning of the future goals of the enterprise as a time saver. In addition to all these possibilities, the B2B Store support team provides quick solutions to your requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether by e-mail, messaging platforms or voice communication. It allows you to consult and get service via communication tools, whenever you need support, on any day. With its 24/7 support service, B2B Store is one step ahead of its competitors. The B2B Store team connects with your computers to give you live training or shoot videos on how to use the system upon your request. The banners you will add to your B2B system, the color tone of your site, your logo, how you can view the orders, see the payments made to you, statistical information about the orders, campaign, discount, coupon code, how you can define a new product or how you can refund your customers, etc. You are provided with the opportunity to use your system effectively by providing training on the subject. Exchange rate values ​​that change very frequently cause the need for operational instantaneous interventions in product prices. With its 24/7 service, B2B Store offers you the possibilities to update your system in the best way against sudden economic changes and is always with you as user-friendly.