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Penti who has more than 400 stores in 30 different countries, is one of the biggest underwear brands of the Europe. They chose B2B Store for omnichannel systems and dealer processes. Penti conducts all the B2B operations and exporting activities easily and quickly thanks to its B2B Store system, which is fully integrated with SAP. They have a second B2B platform-named st penti- to take orders for pre-season collections.



The company that sells kitchen products chose us for B2B solutions.


The company experted in the textile Sector, has the brands; CCN COCOON, CCN COCOON RELAX, CCN COCOON CLUB, CCN COCOON SECRET, MISSENDO, SABRINA GOOD NIGHT, WHITE HOUSE, WHITE HOUSE FIRENZE, ENRICO CERINI, SENA-TORI FIRENZE, HALLMARK. Also, they have been a leader in its sector since the day it was founded. It provides service to its customers with the production of men's and women's wear, dressing gowns, nightgowns, pajamas and sportswear. They conduct exporting activities for many countries by its 25 years of experience with customer satisfaction. Additionally, they have customers from a wide-ranged area from the USA, Canada, Germany, France, England, Italy, Ukraine, Spain and Poland, fulfills its international and domestic dealership network easily and reliably with B2B Store solutions.


Norfolk which has been manufacturing and exporting socks since 1998, has all kinds of socks production capacity, has been producing for the world's leading brands, especially Europe, for years. NORFOLK aims to increase experience especially in technical sport socks, has already experience in both Europe and Eurasia. By choosing B2B Store solutions on the Norfolk E-commerce site, whose aim is to always follow the most up-to-date newest threads, combine it with fashionable colors and offer the best product to its customers, it has come a long way.


Thermoform Clothing Industry and Trade company exports products to many European countries. They preferred B2B Store E-Commerce solutions.

John Frank

John Frank has a wide-ranged customer network from Europe, is a leading company in the apparel industry, chose the Store in B2B e-commerce software.



Jerf preferred B2B Store for software as a company aiming to offer comfortable, high-quality and accessible products that can be used in active sports life by using circular knitting technology, one of the latest technology production techniques.