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1. How did B2B Store made your business easier?

It was so difficult to manage more than 4.000 dealers and both it was tiring because of the telephone traffic.

2. What are your favourite features of B2B Store?

Actually, there are so many features and details which provides solutions for us. But sub-dealer application and the smooth and stable operation of the system are among our favorite features.

3. What are the alterations regarding your operational processes?

Using the sales, marketing, e-payment and shipping modules made easier our business and dealers’ business both. By this reason, most of our dealers use our e-payment system, instead of their own system. Before the system established, we were taking 1 call for each processes and now our company and dealers both do not need these.

4. What is the effect to your telephone traffic?

Neutron was a company that takes 500 calls everyday. The system reduced the operational processes by 80%. By the way, our staff works for their own duties and contribute actively.

5. Do you think that the system increased your sales?

Our sales increased approximately by 15%-20%. We understood that by regular controls. The main reason for this is that companies that have previously called us and tried to reach us, can easly use B2B system, see the real stocks and buy the product, and most importantly, they can do this with a few clicks.

6. What are the effects on sales and marketing?

The system decreases the workload of the sales staff working at the head office and also our staff working both at the head office and in the field can simply take orders and enter the dealer's payments into the system by the sales representative module.

7. What do you think about the online payment system of B2B Store?
Actually, it was a revolution that switching to B2B Store online payment system from the mail order system. It was to hard to change habits of our dealers we succeed it in a short time. The most significant feature of this is 3d secure.
8. What are your thoughts about support team?
People who read this interview may be surprised but there was a support team that provides an excellent support service for us. I called them including weekends an deven at nights. Except this, I can get support whenever I need. But after established the system, you will be looking for new features rather than support. Because there are many benefits of the system that cannot be underestimated.
9. What do you think about the updates since you began to use B2B Store until now?
Of course, each company answers the questions for their own sector but we are lucky because, our desires and other features which we could not think yet, are made successfully. B2B Store completed it before we think and it gained an acceleration for our business.
10. Do you have another thoughts about us?
My name is Ilyas and I am one of the owners of the company. We worked with many company before but we could not get an efficient system for our business. Then I desired to establish this system to reduce workload of the staff and make the company more organized. Strictly, I am very meticulous about these issues and if a system is not perfect, I do not want to use it for my company. Now I notice that we did a great job by establishing this system. I recommend B2B Store to companies that want to work systematically and be professional.

Neutron Security Technologies, is a company operating in global markets in video surveillance solutions, producing its own products and software. There are many offices in Asia, America, Europe, Oceania, Africa and sales offices in Turkey. Neutron uses %10 of each year's sales revenue to the R&D activities. By the reason, Neutron pioneers to video security sector. Now Neutron is one of the 10 biggest video security companies and has aimed to take the first place within 5 years.

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Below are some interviews from sample projects we have accomplished.
b2b pirelli b2b yazılım



Tuğba Yenil

Pirelli Automobile Tires, established as the first Turkish tire factory, chose B2B Store.

b2b yazılım penti



Kubilay Can

Pent in Turkey and has over 400 stores in 29 different countries Clothing Trade Joint Stock Company, choose B2B Store.

b2b e tahsilat aroma



Ertuğrul ALKAN

Aroma, one of the famous pioneers of the juice industry, chose B2B Store E Tahsilat.

b2b e tahsilat neutron güvenlik



İlyas Yeşilmen

Asia, America, Europe, Oceania, Neutron, with offices and sales offices in Africa, and Turkey, choose B2B Store.

b2b yazılım art otomobil



Emir Artar

ART automotive components industry leader in Turkey in automotive, choose B2B Store.

b2b yazılım koray varol akademi yayınları



İsa Murat Savaş

KVA Publications, one of the leading names in the education and publishing industry, chose B2B Store.

b2b yazılım bayram otomotiv



Erdal Bayram

Bayram Otomotiv, operating in the automotive industry as an internationally known brand, chose B2B Store.

b2b yazılım fuat oto yedek parça



Gürkan Topçu

Fuat Oto Yedek Parça chose B2B Store for B2B automation system needs it wants to create in its structure.

b2b yazılım üstündağ lastik



Vedat Bostan

South Korea KUMHO originating from Continental and Semperit brand group with Turkey distibitür Üstündağ Tires, B2B automation system was chosen for the needs of B2B Store.

b2b yazılım öz karadeniz inşaat



İbrahim Demirci

Founded in 1986 by Burhanettin DEMİRCİ, it serves in Karadeniz Technical Hardware sector. By establishing the 2nd generation Özkaradeniz Construction and Construction Materials Petrol Chemical Food Textile Tourism Transportation Industry Trade Limited Company, which changed the structure of the company in 2002, it has been the agency and dealer in many sectors in Turkey and abroad to meet the needs of small and large scale industrial enterprises and hardware stores. in service. They preferred B2B Store software to manage all wholesale sales and for a 100% integrated system.

b2b yazılım art lastik



Gökçe Özbilgen

The company, which has been operating since 1972, is a Pirelli dealer and sells wholesale and retail of all tire brands. In addition, the company that offers services such as second hand tire sales and tire hotel uses our B2B software integrated with Logo.

b2b yazılım kemetyl



Emin ŞEN

Kemetyl Group has quickly become one of the largest companies in its field in Europe with 250 employees in 13 countries, providing a turnover of 140 million € to 45 countries. After a series of acquisitions, it has grown into a truly complete, integrated and European comprehensive partner in the industry. Its product portfolio includes fluids and hardware, vehicle care and accessories, hygiene and household products. Major products range from car window washes and coolants to fuels and cleaners, windshield wipers and disinfectants, wholesale chemical products to 50ml bottles and aerosols. Kemetyl Group has integration with Logo on the B2B side.

b2b yazılım kemetyl




The John Frank brand, which has succeeded in adding a different atmosphere to the clothing industry since its establishment, has gained a solid place in the field of textile with its stylish and quality products. The brand, which produces for many different areas, has also been appreciated by the user with its colorful and dynamic pattern options. Thanks to its creative and aesthetic designs, the products of the brand, which appeals to people of all styles, are presented to the user with a wide range.