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Eksen, one of the leading companies in its sector, also made an agreement with B2B Store. Eksen which ensures services with the aim of delivering sales and technical support from manufacturers or distributors to dealers, institutions and end users, serves in wide-ranged product. They decided to manage its entire customer network (both B2B and B2C) with B2B Store software.



The Firm has reliable, high quality and acknowledged business channel with the registered brand “Calligrapher” by its imported toner, cartridges and toner powder. Maska Computer chose B2B Store with MICRO integration.



Kaizen Information Communication Technologies Company, which has 20 years of experience in the IT and electronics sector, started its operations in January 2018. Kaizen Informatics, which has established its B2B dealership structure on the B2B Store system since its establishment, offers reliable and fast solutions to its dealers.


Kobi Software, an IT company specializing in the development and marketing of high-tech products in international markets, has chosen the B2B store dealership system to offer its solutions to its dealers.