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Özdoğan Electronic Factory has been providing service preparation service with 1500 products such as electronic equipment equipment, cables and audio since 1996.Özdoğan Elektronik is not good in terms of 25 reviews.From this delivery, Mikrolojilu B2b Store preferred B2b software to serve its buyers.



Neutron is a global company that has offices and sales representation in Asia, America, Europe, Oceania, and Africa. They have products such as; IP (Network) cameras, IP (Network) recording devices, IP video intercom systems, (Analog HD) AHD cameras and recording devices, the equipment of the systems. Neutron chose B2B Store systems with AKINSOFT integration.



Erse is established in 1996 and combines its experience and success in the sector with the concepts of "quality, service and sustainability" and is a cable manufacturer operating with a flawless service approach. Erse, which supports continuous development by combining its technological power in production with the dynamism of its staff and its know-how, preferred B2B Store.



Eksen, one of the leading companies in its sector, also made an agreement with B2B Store. Eksen which ensures services with the aim of delivering sales and technical support from manufacturers or distributors to dealers, institutions and end users, serves in wide-ranged product. They decided to manage its entire customer network (both B2B and B2C) with B2B Store software.


Simex Technology

The company's story is “Together is strength.” Within the framework of his philosophy, he started as a peddler in 1995. This journey, which continues in its well-known name SIMEX, gained momentum with the preference of B2b Store on the software technology side.



The Firm has reliable, high quality and acknowledged business channel with the registered brand “Calligrapher” by its imported toner, cartridges and toner powder. Maska Computer chose B2B Store with MICRO integration.


Blacksea ElectroShop

The firm operates in sales of Electrical, Electronic, Instrument, Automation materials, it provides services in the sector in a wide range from pre-sales consultancy to after-sales technical support and delivery. They have Siemens, Panasonic, Libran, Sigma etc brands their product range. B2B Store solutions have been integrated with Eta Erp and have enabled the development of the company's business processes.



MFC has wide-range products such as tvs, satellite receivers, batteries, sound systems etc. The firm is a wholesaler of these products and uses B2B platforms for connection with dealers.



Guncel started to work with its first retail store in 2000 and continued with its second retail store in 2003 and started wholesale sales in 2004. Since 2008 the company continues as “Guncel digital technology products” and imports mobile phones and tablet PCs from China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore and Germany. They have sale channels such as chain stores, e-commerce, shopping center stores and a network of dealers. They chose B2B Store to manage the dealership network.



NOAS, which started its activities in Istanbul Karaköy in 2010 with 100% domestic capital, established a production and storage facility of 20,000 m² in the Beylikdüzü Organized Industrial Zone in 2016 as the pioneer of lighting production in Turkey. NOAS, which set out with a world-class production and service approach, has achieved many firsts in the sector with its expert team of 400 today and reaches 4,000,000 daily component typesetting capacity with the cutting-edge automation-based SMD typesetting line. With the Noas Logo integration, it preferred the software to B2B Store in order to follow the sales and payment processes.



Bengi Kombi, which was established in 2012, serves in the air conditioning and combi boiler industry. At the point it has reached today, Bengi Kombi, which has the opportunity to work with the largest companies around the world, preferred B2B Store in the wholesale sector.



The company, which went into business in 1978, proudly carried its experience in the small electrical household appliances sector to these days with the Sarex Group brand. It has always followed a consumer-friendly policy, as well as increasing the variety and quality of its existing products with its knowledge of more than 40 years. Adopting the principle of providing the best service to its consumers, Sarex Group has created a strong sales network in every region of our country, and has made its extensive and experienced service network ready for service. It provides the best after-sales service with more than 300 service networks put into service all over Turkey. In order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, every product that comes out of the factory is tested and approved one by one by our R&D team. In addition to the Turkish market, as Sarex Group, we also contribute to the economy of our country with our exports to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Turkic Republics. While managing all these processes well, Sarex Group preferred B2B Store as the software to manage wholesale processes.


end electric

Ender Kurt, one of the founders of the company, has put his 25 years of experience into action under the name of "End Ender Elektrik", which he founded in 2007, in order to provide better service to its customers. As a result of stable and serious work in this short time, it has been among the strong sales companies. End Elektrik company, which prefers B2b Store to use in the wholesale sector, accelerated its growth rate.



Toner.com.tr Bilsa Bişilim has started to operate on 03.11.2009 and serves in the sale of computer consumables and hardware products with 20 years of experienced marketing staff and knowledge in the sector. He preferred B2B Store in the wholesale sales and collection system.