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Erse is established in 1996 and combines its experience and success in the sector with the concepts of "quality, service and sustainability" and is a cable manufacturer operating with a flawless service approach. Erse, which supports continuous development by combining its technological power in production with the dynamism of its staff and its know-how, preferred B2B Store.



The company, which began to conduct trading activities in 2000, has aimed to lead the development of mobile phone accessories, digital laser and uv led printing technologies. Also, they started to provide services for spare parts and technical services in 2013 with the “Gritty” brand and has achieved this goal. Gritty has total 54 dealers, 1,000 shops in 25 provinces, including serving pieces and accessories brand is. Gritty preferred B2B Store software as its B2B dealer management system.


Blacksea ElectroShop

The firm operates in sales of Electrical, Electronic, Instrument, Automation materials, it provides services in the sector in a wide range from pre-sales consultancy to after-sales technical support and delivery. They have Siemens, Panasonic, Libran, Sigma etc brands their product range. B2B Store solutions have been integrated with Eta Erp and have enabled the development of the company's business processes.



MFC has wide-range products such as tvs, satellite receivers, batteries, sound systems etc. The firm is a wholesaler of these products and uses B2B platforms for connection with dealers.



Guncel started to work with its first retail store in 2000 and continued with its second retail store in 2003 and started wholesale sales in 2004. Since 2008 the company continues as “Guncel digital technology products” and imports mobile phones and tablet PCs from China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore and Germany. They have sale channels such as chain stores, e-commerce, shopping center stores and a network of dealers. They chose B2B Store to manage the dealership network.