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B2BStore loyalty management

Maxımıze Customer Loyalty wıth Mınımum Operatıon

Loyalty management, as a concept, is the name given to operations aimed at increasing customer loyalty. B2B Store provides innovative solutions for the first choice of customers and dealers by introducing a new approach to this recognition. B2B Store Loyalty Management maximizes customer loyalty by rewarding customers with options such as promotions, discounts and payment features.

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B2B Store Loyalty Management Features

Increasıng Customer and Dealer Sales Fıgures

B2B Store Loyalty Management enables customers and dealers to be monitored more closely, thereby increasing profitability and brand power. Customers and dealers with B2B Store Loyalty Management service; promotions, discounts, gifts, checks, etc. to reach the target turnover and trade volume.

Rewardıng Jobs and Campaıgn System

With B2B Store Loyalty Management, customized promotions are created which has defined conditions for customers and dealers. B2B Store Loyalty Management service, which allows creating special campaigns, opportunities and discounts for the customer's portfolio, ensures that customer relationships are managed in the right way. Customer coupons add new momentum to customer relationships through special bonuses created by taking care of customer needs.

24/7 Orderıng and Customer Support

B2B Store Loyalty Management caters to companies aiming to provide a high level of customer experience with user friendly interface and usage options. With B2B Store Loyalty Management, flexible usage options enable businesses to operate on online stores even when businesses are closed or on holiday. B2B Store Loyalty Management service, which enables all e-commerce processes to be managed more efficiently, brings the dialogue between the customer and the seller to a higher level.

Manage Customers and Dealers wıth Loyalty Management System

B2BStore loyalty management

Special Price and Product Identification for Dealers

With B2B Store Loyalty Management, a high level product management is designed and interactivity is added to the processes by defining special products for dealers and customers. Personalized loyalty programs are designed by showing different product groups to different dealers and customers. With B2B Store Loyalty Management, the quality of service is enhanced with creative solutions tailored to the target audience by creating promotions that take their strength from extensive customer data.

Payment Type Determination Based on Dealers and Dealer Groups

With B2B Store Loyalty Management, special payment options are defined for dealers and customers or groups created. The payment options defined for specific groups in the shopping process with customers and dealers are not seen by other groups.

Dealer Announcements, Mails and Messaging with B2B Store loyalty management

B2B Store Loyalty Management brings a breath of fresh air to communication with customers and dealers. The necessary communication in all situations related to the online store and e-commerce processes is provided easily via the B2B Store Loyalty Management portal.

Campaign Management

B2B Store Loyalty Management ensures that existing campaigns are systematically controlled from a single point. Stock, current, net amount and unit based campaigns are created by solutions that will increase sales and the created campaigns are defined to private dealer groups. Customized campaigns are only visible to dealer groups that are defined.

Hıgh Loyalty and Maxımum Profits wıth B2B Store Loyalty Management

Earn the Trust of E-Commerce Customers

Maxımıze Campaıgn Effıcıency

Raıse Onlıne Store Sales wıth Reward System

Create Satısfıed Customers wıth B2B Store Loyalty Management

B2B Store Loyalty Management Collectıng Poınts

B2BStore loyalty management

Collecting Points on Turnover

With B2B Store Loyalty Management, campaigns designed to increase order volume and facilitate new customers are designed. Customers will be rewarded with loyalty programs that increase customer experience and points that will be awarded based on customer order amounts. With B2B Store Loyalty Management, which allows e-commerce operations to be managed more effectively, customers choose from their gift catalogs by points they collect from their purchases.

Collecting Points by Product Group

Scoring according to the product group stands out as a method applied to increase sales under the B2B Store Loyalty Management program. Within the scope of this program, dealers and customers collect points by making purchases from designated product groups. Likewise, customers use the points they collect in the categories to be selected.

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