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24/7 Sales wıth B2B Store E-Commerce Servıces

"How to make an e-commerce site?" it is possible to give various answers to this question. We at B2B Store are help overcome all the challenges of a qualified e-commerce installation service. Complete B2B system with ease of installation and high level service experience. See all stock, supply and order information of products in real time and securely store sales, customer and sales data to bring customer relations to the highest level. With the B2B Store e-commerce package, all the details of the products, such as stock, order, supply status can be easily tracked.

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Accountıng Systems wıth ıntegratıon Optıons for Effectıve E-Commerce Management

B2B system e-commerce solutions with accounting systems infrastructure offering versatile usage options have been prepared to respond to all e-commerce processes. This process integrates transactions such as account limit management, current account movements and exchange rate assignments into the e-commerce process so that all transactions are controlled from one spot.

Quıck and Easy Orderıng Feature Whıch Facılıtates E-Commerce Processes

With user-friendly interface and sophisticated design options, allow the customers to experience a high level e-commerce experience. Have an e-commerce infrastructure that allows visitors and potential customers to shop quickly and easily with e-commerce optimizations that will transform them into real customers.

Dıfferent Prıces and Product Recognıtıon Optıon wıth Dealer Specıfıc E-Commerce Solutıons

B2B store, which embraces the technology-centric principle, also offers customized solutions for e-commerce online stores and dealers seeking to build infrastructure. With the B2B Store e-commerce infrastructure, which provides an infrastructure that provides all the communication from the suppliers to the customers, the variables such as price and stock are specially optimized for dealers.

Determıne Payment Methods Based on Dealer Groups

B2B Store e-commerce panel offers dealer-specific payment methods with innovative integration options. Thanks to the e-commerce add-in, which allows more efficient control of payments to dealers and customers, the planned payment options are displayed only to the participants determined by the authorized user.

E-Commerce Order Detaıls, Bıllıng and Trackıng

B2BStore E Commerce Order Details, Billing and Tracking

E Commerce Order Details, Billing and Tracking

B2B Store, with its efficient e-commerce solutions, will enable the creation of integrated solutions at the same time as order detail feature that will reduce workload and manage operation processes more quickly. Thanks to B2B store order details, billing, etc., transactions can be done easily and accounting records of all data can be displayed with e-commerce accounting add-in.

Define Limits for Current Accounts

B2B Store offers innovative integrated solutions for current account management to its users with e-commerce configuration options. In this regard, account limits for customers and dealers can be determined and only current orders below the limit can be placed. B2B Store e-commerce limits are defined by the limits of the dealers and customers who are above the limit is directed to the online payment system.

B2B Store E-Commerce and What It Offers the Onlıne Sales Customers

Makes ıt Easy to Fınd Products

Thanks to the advanced product search options of the B2B Store e-commerce infrastructure, customers and dealers can easily find the products they are looking for.

Allows Quıck Orderıng

B2B Store adds flexibility to ordering processes with interface design options that enrich the customer experience. In this way, customers and dealers give all their orders in the fastest way on e-commerce website.

Tracks the Current Account

With B2B Store multi-faceted e-commerce integrations, define account limits for customers and dealers to share online sales limits with them.

Make E-Commerce Payments

B2B Store e-commerce solutions track customers and dealers' accounts from a single point and allow them to make payments easily.

ımages and Messagıng

B2BStore Enrich Online Store with Banner and Image Upload Options

Enrich Online Store with Banner and Image Upload Options

B2B Store offers multiple options for the most effective control of the online store. With specifically designed banners, e-commerce websites and online stores can also be used as communication channels. Through the B2B Store interface options, images and banners are displayed on the e-commerce website to dealers and customers.

Comprehensive E-Commerce Add-ins That Provide Dealer Announcement, Mail and Message System

B2B Store offers options that allow customers and dealers to design a versatile e-commerce experience. B2B Store provides online support via e-commerce to customers and dealers via mail or messaging system. Announces the online store experiences; various promotions, discounts, new product announcements and brands to dealers and customers.

E-Commerce Dealer and Customer Management

  • Dealershıp Applıcatıon

    Through B2B Store e-commerce infrastructure, customers and dealers make dealership applications through e-commerce system. Preferably, it accepts new dealers in a more systematic manner or defines various approval conditions.

  • Member Notıfıcatıon System

    With the B2B Store e-commerce website, activation mails, information and promotional mails are defined, all this process is automated for the e-commerce website and the online store.

  • Defıne Membershıp Roles

    B2B Store enriches customer experience with e-commerce solutions that allow customers and dealers to be recognized for membership roles. Unrecognized roles restrict customers on e-commerce websites or set transaction limits.

  • Creatıng Sub-Dealers

    B2B Store takes the interaction with customers to the next level with its solutions that enrich the e-commerce experience. In the e-commerce website, customers can create sub-dealers. Customers and dealers set up special profit margins for the sub-dealers they have created, set up their own dealerships and receive orders and payments.

  • Specıal Prıces and Dıscounts for Dealers

    B2B Store e-commerce infrastructure allows to set special prices and discounts for dealers and customers. With our e-commerce customization options as B2B Store we have enabled each dealer and customer to see their special price.

  • Defıne Users

    To enrich and customize the user experience, the user can open as many user accounts as they wish for their employees and business partners via the B2B Store e-commerce admin panel. The opened user accounts can be authorized in various forms to delimit the transactions they can do on the e-commerce portal, or to authorize their authorization types.

  • Carry Busınesses to Summıt wıth B2B E-Commerce Solutıons